Camera + friends + kite + sunset = shutter delight !

So, where were we..? aah..discussing the only thing comes really free these days, if you can find it..within thy self i.e. happiness. The immediate incident that sparked the urge to share this whole idea with you guys was this. I am still a student and like many of us, we are the re-incarnation of the Greek God Atlas born here in India. The burden of academic pressure in a country chock-a-block with huge population plus huge reservations caste viz is nothing less than an astronomical amount of mental pressure resting on your shoulders.

But this time I got carried away. I was just gifted a new kite, one of those kite – fest types with all the frills attached by my dad, who happened to travel for some work. I bought it with me, thinking it would make a great mural on my wall in my room, forget flying (which I have never done before, for some reason I am still searching for ) but that day, the I collected a bunch of friends, grabbed some food , my camera and the kite and headed to the hilltop near my place, ohh yes, conveniently forgetting the wrist watch at home  . then it was the wind, the sun and the my camera overlooking a whole town and the fun had just begun. What a delight to be kids again..!! ( I guess kids are often happier than us because for them, generally, ignorance equals bliss, unless it is slumdog millionaire life we are talking about.) we were behaving hysteric once the kite was airborne. It was as if we all had become chair borne to airborne . the kite then took over and had been driving us crazy with each twist and twirl in the sky.

Brilliant setting sun, the wind, the snacks, the new onlookers and friends we made (yes, the shortest distance between two strangers is definitely a smile and a fun activity, and not fake pickup lines 😉 it was all simple fantastic. Pure 24 karat mirth and guess what, it all comes for free..!!

thanks for visiting..!! keep in touch.

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  2. mastch ekdam!!!
    i liked every bit of it!!! 🙂

  3. Dr. Swapnil Khadke

    wow, ts rely fantastic job to create and catch such memorable moment..


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