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Hey folks, it was a great year for me, this 2010..got a new camera and the world turned into a rabbit hole for the new found passion of mine..here i am sharing some of my best clicks..!! enjoy..!!

best of my photography 2010

click here now..

A photograph is a portrait painted by the sun.

Me and my friends were fooling around in front of my camera when this bunch of kids happen to collect around us and were watching intently.I always wonder how a camera can help connect strangers so fast and strongly.a little eye contact and there you have the permission to capture the moment in time, and let the story freeze before you forever.

The front guy was a little stubborn though. Hence i thought insisting him for a photograph would be good, for his hesitant smile is what makes it work for me in this photo.Also the shy kids in the backdrop and my friend with a vibrant smile complete the palette..

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