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Chasing Clouds.

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My fascination with cloudscapes goes way back, before I realized what the words camera, photography, landscape, exposure stops and shutter speed meant. Even before what watercolors, oil on canvas, acrylic and crayons meant. To the time when  mass of water particles in air meant more than home work, milk, early sleep and shining shoes.

I still feel my emotions turn watching the theater of the sky. The eeriness of grey clouds, the jubilance of fluffy summer skies, the drama of fast pacing stormy clouds, the obscure mysterious veil of the morning fog. I would be ecstatic at my trips to hill stations like Matheran when my dad would say that we are walking through clouds, and after I walk out he would show me the cloud we just came through.

Clouds have also been the subject of art since long. The full moon hiding behind a thick curtain of evil black cloud is parallel with a bad twist in the following tale. We have grown seeing flowing clouds, fighting clouds and fluffy clouds on Windows logos for a long time.

p.s. at times I feel like gulping down one whole big candy floss of pure white cloud in one go!!




IMG_1968 copy Cloudscapes_vishal tomar_17 Cloudscapes_vishal tomar_16 Cloudscapes_vishal tomar_15 Cloudscapes_vishal tomar_14 Cloudscapes_vishal tomar_10 Cloudscapes_vishal tomar_11 Cloudscapes_vishal tomar_12 Cloudscapes_vishal tomar_13 Cloudscapes_vishal tomar_08 Cloudscapes_vishal tomar_07 Cloudscapes_vishal tomar_06 Cloudscapes_vishal tomar_05 Cloudscapes_vishal tomar_04 Cloudscapes_vishal tomar_09 Cloudscapes_vishal tomar_03 Cloudscapes_vishal tomar_02 Cloudscapes_vishal tomar_01IMG_4270_1_2_tonemapped shrink



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K A A S flowerscapes – 2 0 1 1

Hey guys..just returned from Kaas. It was my first visit. Excited to share some picture..check em out.

If clicking on the below picture doesen’t take you to the blog page, the you can find it under ” Travel With Me ” tab, on the right corner of the menu bar above.


Wilderess in my backyard – Asangaon.

Who doesn’t love rains..!! but you go all the more bonkers when you realizes that a heavenly scape like this was residing right in you backyard and you had no clue about it.!!

This brings us to another trip with Mumbai Weekend Shoot. This time, the place is Asangaon, a far flung suburb of Mumbai, practically untouched with the evils of industrialization (almost). i happen to live close to this place, but never imagined it to be such a picturesque treat. The day was full of discovering new landscapes, jaw dropping landscapes, creatures of more colors than this LCD screen, pristine air and a camera to go with..what more could you ask for..!

Till now, all I new was that this was a place from where people travel every morning for hours to reach the business districts of Mumbai, and come home in the evening to their humble abode.

ISO 6400 ! kudos EOS.!!

yess..there is no match to a piping hot cup of tea, some hot snacks and a photo-walk in the countryside to go with

I like my landscapes dramatic and heavy, impactful, larger than life. HDRs come in handy especially for such pictures.

The Monarch

After we reached Asangaon, many of us scattered away to different places to leave nothing unexplored.
Me and some of my friends decided to walk to a near by temple called Manas Mandir, I had heard about. It is a Jain temple situated in the lap of blossoming green hills. The walk to it was certainly our best decision for the day.

This man could have easily been me. Even I was lost in thoughts throughout the whole journey. I had heard about the place quiet often as trains regularly stop here, but had no idea what to expect..plus it was raining like crazy a few moments back, I had almost dropped the plan.

Hope you enjoying your monsoon too..! thanks for dropping by.

Comments and critique invited.!!

The world is a book. And he who hasn’t travelled has read just one page of it.

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Sometimes I do get to places just when God’s ready to have somebody click the shutter.  ~Ansel Adams

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