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Walk through graffiti lane, KOLKATA.

Whenever I travel I make sure to squeeze some time for checking out non touristy places of a location. It’s the best way to feel the local vibe unbiased by clean, decorated, post card perfect exhibitions of monuments and museums and markets.

So of all the touristy things that I could have done in Kolkata, I chose to do what I believe in. Chuck the museums and malls, and  wander to  get lost for a while. Lo and behold, I came across lanes full of youth hotels, backpacker stays in narrow alleys around Park street in north Kolkata.

While wandering I did come across a particular set of lanes, which intrigued me enough to deserve their own blog post. Entering deeper into the labyrinth of lanes, after a couple of turns, I was welcomed with a riot of color and art spread over walls on both sides of a walk way.

A little googling later tells me that not many people are aware of the graffiti lane near Park street.

Graffiti as an art form is not an Indian creations. Yes, we have been painting walls since stone age. But graffiti gained identity in the west as a means to shout out thoughts of the common man. More so in days before Twitter and Facebook, very few means of expression could make common man heard.

So where mostly these days public walls are littered with ugly political slogans, here was some dash of color, intellect and comic relief for public display where it is not really expected.

I had fun clicking them and enjoying the mind of the artist. Here’s your turn to have a look.

P.S. if anyone can tell me who are the artists, I’d be thankful.





Little street Picassos.

I had always been fascinated by graffiti. I find it as a very liberating form of expression. Unlike painting on canvas which is portable, and can be admired on choice, graffiti puts the art on display indiscriminately, twenty four X seven, for everyone. This adds a huge responsibility on the artist as he is judged by a much varied audience and interpreted in as many ways.

Though I don’t think Mumbai is big on graffiti art compared to other cities around the world (I would be glad if anyone can tell me some more interesting street art seen in and around Mumbai, regular spots, events etc, in the comments) I happen to come across this particular strip of wall while on my way back from Metro cinema to Mumbai CST station, the other day.

What strikes me about these paintings is that it has been made kids (most probably). Kids who have not yet been taught to present their ideas in a politically correct fashion. Kids who have not yet mastered the art of expressing them selves in such a public art form without displeasing/touching a raw nerve of the society. Hence their opinions are sharp, short and snappy, colorful, meaningful and at a impressive young age.

I pictured some of my favorites and sharing them. Would love to hear your thoughts.

happy Holi. 🙂

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