Indian Seductress

Indian Seductress

A woman is a poetry, in flesh.

Men and women have been mesmerized by the charms of a seductress in heat since the beginning of time. Innumerable lives have been lost, civilizations ruined, families destroyed, friendships broken and fortunes turned over the charms of a woman. Lust still remains the elusive deception, the last draw, in which femmes fatales play with an graceful advantage.

I got a lucky chance of attending my first fashion photography workshop ever from a mentor par excellence Mr.Dilip Yande. The theme for the shoot was “Indian Seductress”. A true Bombay-walla’s grand purpose of life is incomplete without having attended some bollywood shoots, catching a glimpse of the their favorite star, dreaming atleast once in their lives that they would have been perfect for the silver screen. Now it was my turn to not only witness a professional photo shoot in all its detail, but also be a part of one. And as a true mumbaite I gravitated towards my karma of “shooting the seductress”.. :-p

The steep learning curve included understanding the technicalities and the aesthetics. For the technicalities part, learning about the artificial lights and their behavior, seeing the exposure meter in action, instructing the model and makeup guys, arranging the props and the backdrop were the major chunks of information to be digested. For the aesthetics storytelling using symbolism, costumes, body language, emotion, and the surrounding atmosphere had to be learned. This particular theme was inspired by Lady Chatterly’s Lover by D. H. Lawrence (released in 1928, practically starting a revolution, and made into a movie twice, in 1981 and 2006). To Indianize it we had chosen various traditional Indian clothes and situations and tried to make it look subtle and sensuous rather than in-your-face kind. This was a challenge for Tanvi, the model which she played out brilliantly.

What goes into making an iconic photograph is as interesting as the picture itself. It is as much a part of the story, that every photographer strives to tell. We started out early in the morning (for a Sunday) a around 9. Dilip sir explained us the various ways of using seemingly mundane and waste things to create backgrounds, props, reflectors, diffusers, etc.

Seductress in the making..!!.

We had a lot in store for the day. The theme was divided into various settings. I have tried to name them appropriately. The idea was to capture that feminine subtleness of gestures which drives people to passion.

Village damsel



Girl next door

The whole event more or less was a daze for me. Since it was my first time as a photographer in the confines of a studio, it was only by the end of the session that I had become acquainted with the rhythm of the activity. As for the pictures, mine are outright amateurish. But I realized that studio photography is a rabbit hole in itself. It was a long day for all of us participants, more so for the one on the unforgiving side of the flash lights, lens and instructions.

Pictures form our mentor can be found here.

Thanks for dropping by. Comments and Critique invited.


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  1. Nilanjan Joshi

    awsm mood!! great lighting..superb clicks!!

  2. Your 1st attempt….bt realy “Kautukaspad”..Wel done dear….
    kp it up…

  3. amazing….heart thrown photography,
    m seeing this today… wondering how I missed it…… of its kind !!


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