KODAIKANAL – Unveiling the valley of blue mist.

Residing in the hills of Tamilnadu is this shy damsel of a place called Kodaikanal. Don’t let the tales of the blazing south India summers discourage you even a bit. Once you start ascending the hill road, the beauty engulfs you slowly but surely each hair pin bend at a time. The landscape will leave you speechless. I am sure it is no less delightful for a photographer that any of the standard attractions like Leh/ Ladak or the Jammu and kashmir. The vapours from the eucalyptus forest rise gradually with the rising sun and paint the vistas with a palette full of brilliant blues – The Nilgiris. There is a different shade, a different landscape awaiting you eyes wherever you see. The blue mist is simply the most captivating addition to an already breathtaking landscape. It created a ‘mist-ery’ that you cannot help but remain in awe of, and try to capture a slice of it into you lens. It will certainly wake up the writer, the poet, the singer, the painter, the lover within anyone. Phew..time to dive down from cloud nine..shall we.

I was really skeptical when i first heard of a vacation in Kodaikanal coming my way. What more could a remote and absurd sounding place had to offer me. I thought i had been there done that, and this would be just another lazy holiday. But as i just described, i had no idea, i mean no idea of what was coming. The best part about this place is that is fairly untouched from commercial developement. Hence you treat yourself with fresh air, less noise, less traffic. It is welcome change to see no garbage dumps, pot holes or een power cuts..!! The south Indian cuisine is delicious and easy on stomach. The palce is famous for its home made chocolates, eucalyptus oils, tea and othe herbal preparations.

I spent around four days in this paradise and returned with a heart (and many SD cards ) full of immortal memories.

They say pictures say a thousand words.So I guess its time for me to shut up and for you to gear up for some visual poetry. enjoy..!!

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comments and critique invited.


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  1. awesome wud b an understatement….
    way to go vishal!

  2. great job vishal,really loved it.

  3. They r just too good!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Hey Vishal! this is mindblowing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! gauge the excitement!!lovely work dude!keep em comin!:-)

  5. V could see d beauty through ur eyes! Really mesmerizing!!! N ya great job including d introductory speech of urs.

  6. hey vishal this was simply awesome…………

  7. definately no words 2 describe dem..

  8. Great Work..Awesome..

  9. hey vishal…a very nice collection u have…such a beutiful photos….i too like photography…but u r awsom ….

  10. Very good pictures. Can you please let me know the places which you had follow and what was your plan like?

    • No big plans, just the regular sight seeing places. The trick is to judge weather, time of the day and then decide where to go… And of course having fun exploring, living the culture rather than visiting places for the heck of it…

  11. the best pictures of kodaikanal that I can find online. Here is my little blog on kodaikanal if you have time do read. thanks vishal. http://indiadestinationsblog.wordpress.com/2013/07/04/exploring-destinations-in-tamil-nadu-kodaikanal/


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