Monsoonscapes 2015 (and Happy World Photography Day :-)

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After the severe disappointment of my road trip up north getting cancelled due to bad weather, geographically and politically I decided to visit some places around Maharashtra while meeting relatives and clicking pictures on the way. As it turns out, you can bomb and drown a traveler’s itenary, but can’t stop him from exploring, clicking and having fun. So here I was enjoying the lush greenery, fresh air, jaw dropping landscapes with home food and cheerful memories of folks I haven’t met for quiet a while.

I had also been collecting some camera gear which I put to the test lately. I indulged in using my smartphone (OnePlus One) to create some interesting time-lapse videos of the landscapes I came across. It was a steep learning curve in understanding what gear to carry while on the shoot and how to plan ahead, more of that sometime later.

Besides clicking pictures and traveling, the drive itself a meditative activity, I realized. Solo drives which I feared would be extremely boring and tiring turned out to be a stressbusting,  introspective activity if nothing more.The random stoppages for food, car breakdowns, photographing, and in the mean while making momentary friends is all what travel is all about.

Though it was a farcry from the perfect mountain peaks and valleys of the Himalayas, it was a de-stressing, carefree, much needed break for an otherwise immersed surgery resident.

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Igatpuri Ghats



Dighi, clicked by OnePLus

Dighi, clicked by OnePlus One

IMG_4137_8_9_tonemapped shrink

Nashik-Pune ghats

IMG_3916_7_8_tonemapped shrink


IMG_3909-IMG_3912 shrink


IMG_4199_200_201_tonemapped shrink


IMG_4256_7_8_tonemapped shrinj




IMG_4270_1_2_tonemapped shrink






Here is a compilation of many timelapse clips I recorded while wandering river to mountain in search of breath taking views near my residence, this monsoon.

The videos have been shot on android phone OnePlus One set on a regular tripod or a Gorilla-pod for convenience. Oneplus has a decent camera in daylight and a good battery life, both of which come in handy while shooting such videos.

Lapse it pro is an app which you may find useful for recording timelapse if the feature is not built into the camera, I found the built in feature better because you can record higher resolution videos, and exposure compensation is smoother.


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Monsoon time-lapse_1_2015

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It’s mind boggling to know what secrets nature holds. If once in a while you pause your high speed urban life, and enjoy few carefree breaths of fresh air, mother nature will amaze you with its mesmerizing tricks. All one has to do is sit with the birds and bees, amongst clouds and mountains, and learn the language of rains and flowers. To disconnect from the omnipresent cellphone network and gets absorbed in the wind.

I did something like that yesterday. And took a tripod and cellphone along. The clouds and the rains have always had a spell binding effect on me. And who was I to not obey.

Following is a time-lapse shot on oneplus one cellphone mounted on a gorilla pod. It was shot around pune, over a span of an hour or so. Hope you love it.

Favorite travel Portraits.

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Favorite travel Portraits.

Since the advent of camera in my life a few years back, most of my photography has revolved around finding ways/excuses to travel far and wide, as extensively, as deeply and as immersingly as possible. Travel cattle class, live shoe string budget. That’s where fun memories are made. Luxury hotels and guided tours are equivalent of eating at McDonalds in various countries and calling it cuisine. It’s the same everywhere. Same mountains, waterfalls, people, shopping, rides, etc. But you have’nt really traveled if you’ve not spoken to the locals and heard their folk tales. A lot of your memories are made of tastes and smells. Unless you leave the environs of your hotel lobby and step into the local flea market, hit the street food stalls and let the local flavors melt on your tongue, you’ve just burnt a lot of cash for #PoutingSelfies :-P

So, coming back to clicking portraits. It’s a high to click random strangers on the streets. A lot of people ask me how do you walk to a stranger and click his or her picture. The secret lies in your eyes. A friendly eye contact, submissive nod of the head and a smile is all it takes 99% of the time. In spite of the tricks I’ve had my share of threatening, camera snatching, being shooed/chased away. Trolled for identity, roughed up to delete pictures.But when I look back it only makes the ride more memorable,and pictures more special. It becomes all worth it when the folks become your instant friends, share stories and food. Bless you. Crack jokes. Speak wisdom. It’s unconditional, strangers don’t judge you. Sometimes you open up a lot to them, than to probably your near and drear ones. And as a bonus you get to click their pictures and keep it touch..!

Here’s sharing some of my favorite moments down the memory lane so far.

_MG_0792-copy-watermark-2 waiting for the ride

A pallete full of thoughts. mg_5298-copy _MG_8050-(1) _MG_8180bw BEST_OF_VISHAL_TOMAR_PHOTOGRAPHY_2010_COLOR_4 Sant Gyaneshwar Palki 2011_Vishal Tomar_02 Sant Gyaneshwar Palki 2011_Vishal Tomar_12 Sant Dnyaneshwar Palki 2011_Vishal Tomar_0117 Asangaon_vishal tomar_17 Ramadan Mubarak happy world photography day_vishal tomar. Haji Malang path_Vishal Tomar_02 gUJRAT_ViSHAL TOMAR_02 gUJRAT_ViSHAL TOMAR_03 idol workshop_jamnagar_VishalTomar_04 Kumbh 2013_vishal tomar_24 Banaras_blog_vishal tomar_26 Velas_vishal tomar_05

a warm welcoming family..

a warm welcoming family..

305094_414799438576235_1063954872_n 10479360_756971791025663_3193538682451747038_o 321422_222822101107304_670195216_n 193527_156514381071410_5861957_o 244289_175322599190588_2665762_oIMG_2294 copy shrink IMG_2138 shrink

P.S : “I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list.” ~Susan Sontag

IMG_2095 shrink

Sunday morning stroll.

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Sunday morning stroll.

A perfect Sunday morning is meant to roll over and sleep. Wake up. Guzzle beer and breakfast, and sleep again. But then you always have some childhood prick in the a** friends who’ll spoil that, no regrets what so ever, and steal your beer too!

I had to drop one such fellow to the Pune railway station the other day and absent mindedly carried my camera along. The plan was to enjoy a photo walk in morning light at any place other than Mandai, since I’ve been there few times. Rasta peth ,Nana peth and Laxmi road sounded interesting. I’m not very well versed with Pune roads and while travelling through some small bylanes, then unaware of being near MG road, I observed some old cafés and colonial era buildings. Sun was already rising fast so I decided to explore this area a little more.


As serendipity would have it, I spent a great time strolling around Dasrur Meher Rd. and Sachipir Street. It was fascinating to see old colonial buildings with pointed, sloping roofs and elaborate carvings. I met some old folks who had interesting tid-bits about the history of the place. I hail from Bombay which is full of rich colonial buildings and monuments with interesting history attached to it. To find the same in Pune a Sunday morning photowalk was a pleasant surprise. Its fun to see the city bylanes wake up and get into activity right before your eyes. Wooden houses ,empty lanes, less noise, soft light, smiling people, and pictures I clicked made me unwind from the mundane life otherwise. You might also wander into the butcher/ meat market with your camera, like me but I’ll say it’s a bad idea. They could be hostile to you and your gear.


Rounding up :

  • Do have bun maska with chai at café Garden/ café Yezdan. Akuri (egg bhurji) with chapatti/pav at Dorabjee’s with raspberry soda.
  • Do wander into area around Naaz and Radio restaurants. Besides classic mouthwatering food you’ll also find yourself enjoying some old shops, buildings and busy markets to fancy your lens
  • Observe the clash between the old and new buildings. How the old ones are more artistic and ornate compared to the dull and ordinary buildings of today.
  • Venture in the morning before 11am .


Pune MG Rd_Vishal Tomar_02

 Pune MG Rd_Vishal Tomar_04

Pune MG Rd_Vishal Tomar_03

Pune MG Rd_Vishal Tomar_07

 Pune MG Rd_Vishal Tomar_08

Pune MG Rd_Vishal Tomar_09

Pune MG Rd_Vishal Tomar_10

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Some of my favorite travel quotes.

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Some of my favorite travel quotes.

As anyone who has spent a few moments on my blog would see that I like to explore places and bring back pictures, tales and experiences to share.

In my wanderlust I’ve come across lots of thoughts, ideas and philosophies that made sense and I adhered to them. I have always wanted to write about the incessant need to travel and click pictures. The hobby of collecting experiences. But there have been some lucky cool folks out there who’ve got/fought for the chance of having the journey of their lifetime and collected their memories in few pearls of wise word. Here’s sharing some of my favorite travel quotes.


download (2) images (5)
unnamed unnamed unnamed (1) unnamed (2) unnamed (3) unnamed (4) unnamed (5)

Thanks or dropping by :-) Bon Voyage :-)

Eid Mubarak.

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Id Mubarak_Vishal Tomar



Hope you all are doing great.


I felt like sharing this picture, especially so because it perfectly captures the festive spirit the holy month of Eid. I am a foodie to the core and first time visited a street specially dedicated to Iftar, in my locality. And boy..!! delicious food , sight, sounds and smell enticing you from all 360degrees..!!


The experience not only filled my belly but also my neurons. I realized that in general the common man, irrespective of the religion/creed is all the same within..a believer in peace, hope, love and care.



Monday Mornings

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AAhhhh.! Life had been a crazy ride past few months. Beginning of a residency in surgery means end of many important things. Things thats define you, make you stand out. Things that you call your own. Habits that you love, people you couldn’t live without, passions that breathed life into you every morning. All that snatched away from you bit by painful bit.


Anyways, but that doesn’t keep me from stealing some moments for myself and find peace in what I love doing. Exploring.


I’m really glad to share that the picture above has made it to a group exhibition of amateur /professional photographers held in Pune which goes by the name Drushtikon.It’s held by members of Photographers @ Pune a thriving community of more than 5000 people spread all over the world.The exhibition is about bringing out the often missed but special, breathtaking moments we all see around us and frozen in the artists mind and lens.

About the picture above : I feel jealous looking at the work environment of this gentleman. It’s a working day and he has the pleasure of basking in the morning light, opposite to most of us, who spend their day breathing recycled air, chained to cubicles.

This picture was clicked in the lanes of Dharavi, the second largest slum in the world, and home to most of Mumbai. Potters of Dharavi are mainly migrants from other states like Gujrat and Rajasthan and earn their living by working round the clock making and selling earthen wares at minimal prices. Besides they are also an important ingredient of the “Bhelpuri” we call Mumbai.

Hope to see you around : New art gallery, Ghole Rd. Pune.

Image.Thanks for dropping by.



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