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Love it or hate it, you simply can’t ignore it. Mobile apps come and go. Some last couple of seconds in your phone and some get installed to stay. Some make your life easier, some just entertain, some make you healthier and so on.

As an amateur visual artist, I got excited about Prisma like a boy with a new toy. Initially I thought that its an infatuation with this app that’ll eventually pass, like many others have previously. So I thought I will give it some time to cool down and see if I still like it.

Lo and behold, this AI powered algorithm still keeps me guessing.

The best part is that it can add spice to otherwise old and forgotten pictures.

Yes I clearly realize that they require hardly any effort on my part to create them, other than clicking pictures which I love to do. But, with due respect to all the real artists out there, whose skill can never be matched by digital wizardry, I would love to put some “prisma-rised” pictures from the past.

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Stories from Hampi.

Rewind post to a weekend well spent..! full story here.

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Kasol – 2016

This post leads to a complete story here :


Ladakh – 2016

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This post leads to a full travelogue here :

Ladakh travel has become like a  rite of passage. Lately with the boom in disposable income with the youngsters and the era of social media influenced lifestyle at its peak; adventure travel has become more fashionable than ever before. Bollywood to youtube to snapchat, facebook and twitter, come June to August every year its impossible not to come across someone you know who has been to Ladakh and doesn’t blow its trumpet.

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“kutte fail ho gaye”

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August 21, 2016 73302 PM GMT+0530

You pick up strange words and phrases as you travel from one place to the other. Asia, and India in specific has abundance of languages, dialects and words.

Here is one such phrase I learnt while traveling up north and it got stuck with me:

“Kutte fail ho gaye”. I laughed my guts out hearing that for the first time.

before you roll your eyes or laugh, it is a real phrase. I’m not making this up. It means to loose senses beyond ones control. For example getting drunk, or being overly excited and happy, ecstatic, over joyous.

like : ” aaj toh bahu daaru pe li bhai ne, aaj toh kutte fail ho gaye”

The phrase literally refers to bicycle brakes failing. Bicycle brakes make this screeching sound, hence sometimes referred to as “kutte” or dogs.

So now you know a new word. Go out, let your dogs fail you, ha ha .


Wandermates.  #1

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” A journey is measured in friends rather than miles” – Tim Cahill

This is an attempt to share all the interesting stories of people I’ve come across while on the road .

One at a time.

We often bump into  a lot of people everyday. Some interesting, some outright rude. Some cunning and some sweet as honey. Nevertheless, for a brief moment,  two lives intersect each other.

Generally while traveling we’re more receptive to strangers.

I like to chat with the locals and hear the tales of their  childhood. The fables of the land. The beliefs built by that human being over a lifetime.

Meet Steve Young. This gentleman from New Zealand was traveling bare feet.! I was flabbergasted as a layman and intrigued as a doctor. Upon enquiry he told he’s a farmer and has been living bare feet since many years. Except winters when it’s impossible to do so. His philosophy is that he likes to feel one with the earth. He wants to feel the vibrations and wants the magnetic field of earth to pass through him. Shoes act as an insulation.
His feet were calloused with years of exposure. I forgot to click his feet. Besides, I have no way to send him this picture. Hope the world wide web comes to the rescue.

Prisma power, go get it.

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Alas for those that never sing,
But die with all their music in them!
~Oliver Wendell Holmes.

Out of nowhere comes a Russian fellow, 25 year old Alexey Moiseenkov, on 11th June of 2016, adds a drop called Prisma in the vast ocean of photo editing apps, and lo and behold, social network is flooded with self portraits in the style of Van Gogh, Picasso, Edvard Munch, Kandinsky, Lichtenstein, Raoul Dufy, Piet Mondrian, Mosaic, Francis Picabia, Camille Pissarro, Heisenberg, Hokusai and more. This little piece of digital wizardry takes the photo sharing scene by a viral splash of color and leaves you wondering where was all this art in the world hidden till now.

The most exciting thing about the app is that it has bought so much impending artwork lying in people’s cellphones, mainstream.

It has made historic art work styles and artists house hold names. Now folks can separate Picasso from Van Gogh and tell impressionist from a mosaic.

Here are some interesting facts :

  • Prisma uses artificial intelligence to analyze each picture and turn it around. Unlike a lot of present day apps, it does more than just play with color values and add overlays.
  • The algorithm was initiated in Germany and and a 9 memeber Russian company Prisma Inc. modified it to make it usable on a large scale.
  • The artwork is made online, so it does suck up your data and battery.
  • Its a stiff competition to Pokemon Go.
  • More than 650 million pictures have been processed till date.
  • The app in no. in 77 countries.
  • Beware of similar rip off apps online. Prisma is by Prisma Inc. and a black triangle in a circle logo.

What makes me wonder is that how an app has turned fine art into assembly line mass produce-able entertainment for momentary consumption. Now anyone can envision a painting and if you can snap it, you can be the owner of a brand new artwork in the classic styles of the legends.

At the same time what distances it from real painters, like any mass produced product, is the lack of uniqueness that each painter carries. The expression that each real painter, apart from the 35 or so filters, creates on canvas. The real artists don;t have a filter in their head. They develop a visual language in which they express after long observation and practice. So, if you’re not already smothered with all the Prisma clogged color dabbed ‘artworks’ around you, you soon will.

In the meanwhile, some fun links :

Lastly, why not join the ‘have-Prisma-will-upload’ brigade. Here are some of mine.


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