Wandermates #4 – Byron.

“A journey is measured in friends rather than miles” – Tim Cahill

This is an attempt to share all the interesting stories of people I’ve come across while on the road .

One at a time.

We often bump into  a lot of people everyday. Some interesting, some outright rude. Some cunning and some sweet as honey. Nevertheless, for a brief moment,  two lives intersect each other.

Generally while traveling we’re more receptive to strangers.

I like to chat with the locals and hear the tales of their  childhood. The fables of the land. The beliefs built by that human being over a lifetime.img_20160921_111027shrink

This meek looking gentleman is way more than what meets the eye. He runs the most popular homestay deep in the jungle of Sohra or Cherapunji. He speaks fine english, his place is very clean and the food menu is an extensive palette. All these tings made me curious, so probed a little deeper.

So, Byron has wore many hats, including being a teacher of environmental science in Meghalaya, working for multi national corporations and so on. But it was his love for cooking and the emptiness of staying away from family while at work that bought him to give up city life, and make the forest of living root bridges his home.

It was fun staying at his place. Smoking hot tasty food while its raining like donkeys in the heart of forest make for memory of a lifetime.


About Vishal Tomar

I'm a binge traveler, binge thinker, writer, storyteller and photographer and reader, that's when not being street food connoisseur, fitness enthusiast and a doctor. cheers..!

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