Living root bridges.


The living root bridges are one of its kind, wonders of nature. Found in the Indian state of Meghalya at many places. They are essentially rubber trees on both sides of a river or stream. The roots of trees on both the sides entangle among each other over the water and make a sketchy bridge over the river. Thats when the Khasi tribe folks come in. They tighten the structure and make them into usable bridges. These bridges can last for hundreds of years.

All said and done, they are a work of art created by man and nature. For city dwellers who are used to concrete jungle, this comes as a surprise. Its also astonishing to know that tree roots can be so strong and long lasting.

Their sight reminded me of scenes from Avatar the movie. The creatures of Pandora live amongst the trees and sleep on hammocks swinging between branches.

Of the many bridges scattered all over the jungles of the state, there’s one in particular deep in the heart of Sohra or Cherpunji. Its unique because there are two bridges one above the other, over crossing the stream. Aptly, the bridge is called a ‘Double Decker”living root  bridge.

The walk to the Double Decker root bridge is long and patience-testing. But to make it all worth wile, I would strongly suggest anyone to stay a night at the homestays in village near the bridge. Living deep in the jungle is a rejuvenating experience not to be missed. The homestays are neat and clean. Pocket friendly. Food is basic but tasty. There’s elcetricity most of the time. Also one gets a chance to interact with the locals.

There is also a wonderful waterfall further from the Double Decker root bridges that must not be missed. Just pray for clear sunlight and the Rainbow waterfalls will certainly be a memory of a lifetime.


Mawlynnong root bridge.




Way to the bridge, Mawlynnong.


Mawlynnong, Asias cleanest village.




Reward after the walk.!


Way to Double Decker root bridge.


Khasi tribe woman.


Cheers, from the bonfire night, Byron’s homestay, Double root bridges, Sohra.



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I'm a binge traveler, binge thinker, storyteller, photographer, and reader. That's when not being a street food connoisseur, fitness enthusiast, and a doctor. Cheers..!

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