Prisma gallery – portraits.

Love it or hate it, you simply can’t ignore it. Mobile apps come and go. Some last couple of seconds in your phone and some get installed to stay. Some make your life easier, some just entertain, some make you healthier and so on.

As an amateur visual artist, I got excited about Prisma like a boy with a new toy. Initially I thought that its an infatuation with this app that’ll eventually pass, like many others have previously. So I thought I will give it some time to cool down and see if I still like it.

Lo and behold, this AI powered algorithm still keeps me guessing.

The best part is that it can add spice to otherwise old and forgotten pictures.

Yes I clearly realize that they require hardly any effort on my part to create them, other than clicking pictures which I love to do. But, with due respect to all the real artists out there, whose skill can never be matched by digital wizardry, I would love to put some “prisma-rised” pictures from the past.

09_Prisma portrai 2016_vishal tomar15_Prisma portrai 2016_vishal tomar10_Prisma portrai 2016_vishal tomar19_Prisma portrai 2016_vishal tomar18_Prisma portrai 2016_vishal tomar17_Prisma portrai 2016_vishal tomar08_Prisma portrai 2016_vishal tomar20_Prisma portrai 2016_vishal tomar11_Prisma portrai 2016_vishal tomar13_Prisma portrai 2016_vishal tomar14_Prisma portrai 2016_vishal tomar16_Prisma portrai 2016_vishal tomar07_Prisma portrai 2016_vishal tomar06_Prisma portrai 2016_vishal tomar05_Prisma portrai 2016_vishal tomar04_Prisma portrai 2016_vishal tomar03_Prisma portrai 2016_vishal tomar02_Prisma portrai 2016_vishal tomar01_Prisma portrai 2016_vishal tomar


About Vishal Tomar

I'm a binge traveler, binge thinker, writer, storyteller and photographer and reader, that's when not being street food connoisseur, fitness enthusiast and a doctor. cheers..!

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  1. Great images. You have used the Prisma power to the maximum


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