KGAF- 2013

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The Kala Ghoda Arts Festival or just KGAF is a rare oasis in an otherwise arid landscape of art celebration in Mumbai. It is held in the month of February each year, since last 14 years in south Mumbai, around Jehangir art gallery, Cross Maidan and other venues. Its one of the few places where a mumbaite can quench his thirst for enjoying various art forms without worrying about spending a paisa for it at all. The arts fest is more than a week long affair mingling all creative forms of art, from visual to music to performing arts, to sculpture, street plays…and lots more. It serves as a good platform for the creative folks to step out of the galleries and studios and mingle with the common man of the city and show him their arts….

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I'm a binge traveler, binge thinker, writer, storyteller and photographer and reader, that's when not being street food connoisseur, fitness enthusiast and a doctor. cheers..!

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