Hazar bar dekho !

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I am looking at my watch, and curse the teacher for waiting the whole day to start the most important topic of the day now! It is six thirty and the sounds of the evening, the golden light falling on my eyes is calling me. Its six thirty five, i cant hold it any longer. I have to rush. Unannounced, i stand up and rush out of the class run on roads, fiddling my gear, wishing if i could fly i would, or may be, ask of lift or hijack a car…after another 10 mins i make it to my damsel, yet another spectacular event , more so in the city of dreams, the Sunset at Bandra-Worli sea link, Mumbai. My sunset photographed in my home city.

It is intriguing the way the magic of the dawn and dusk never ever fails to capture a photographers imagination. I wonder how come, such an every day phenomenon  we have seen a million times since our birth still captivates us to such a great extent. Though i had been into visual arts since childhood years, it was only a year back that i got my first Dslr. Capturing the dawn and dusk becomes the first thing anyone, including me was exited about. I was really fascinated with the various controls my gear would provide me with in my pursuit to immortalize an everyday event.  Ut after one year and so many dawns and dusks in my album..i wonder if it is turning out to be a love affair rather than a simple urge to create art. Time after time, day after day, in the school, the bus, the train, the library, the car, the golden hour never fails to stir my creative juices. It has become a never ending chase, something like hunting down the holy grail, or recreating the Monalisa. I hope the chase never ends..


About Vishal Tomar

I'm a binge traveler, binge thinker, writer, storyteller and photographer and reader, that's when not being street food connoisseur, fitness enthusiast and a doctor. cheers..!

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